Learning How to Drive in Baltimore City

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When I was growing up I was growing up on a farm out side of Baltimore MD and i as a country boy I was literally exposed to hands on skills with animals and farming machinery that was responsible for growing and harvesting corn.
I guess you could say I become really good at driving at the young age of 7 after continuously driving trucks, tractors and other heavy harvesting machinery.
At that age I was helping my father a lot with this kind of stuff and in most cases I would be sent to drive on my own to the nearest town to make deliveries to locals who bought my fathers produce.
At that time I was 16 and I didnt have my license nor did I take any MVA driving test when I got older.
At the age of 21 after years on the farm I wanted to move into Baltimore with my girlfriend at the time who so happened to be a lawyer.

I was then faced with the issue of not having the experience or the license to be driving around in the city, and as a result I was stuck at home with nothing to do except for applying for jobs and spending my days on public transport to going to interviews.

I wish my driving course would be like this — I would show them lol

After getting the money money together for my MVA driving test I failed as soon as I started the engine, at the time the driving instructor who I wont name, who is also a notorious hard ass in the driving instructor profession who is known to fail people on stupid things.
I was a victim and I must say it really got to me, I didnt have much to my name in terms of job skills and driving.

I was stuck back at square one and I joined another driving education course in Baltimore and they taught me everything I needed from defensive driving to parking skills which I lack most in, and I was also taught how to drive in the busy Baltimore traffic.
I dont drink, but they also had a great alcohol/drug driving program which was very interesting for a new guy like me which I guess you could say, lived a sheltered lifestyle in the country side.

After 20 hours of learning to drive with the baltimore driving school I was ready to take my 2nd MVA driving test in Baltimore city.

This is my Testimony to the Drive School Baltimore and I highly recommend people to check it out.



What causes snoring?

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A Sleeping and snoring disorder analysis conducted by the professionals in Melbourne wrote…
Snoring has the potential to become a much bigger problem than most people might assume; often approached as little more than an irritation, when allowed to persist, snoring dental problems have been known to evolve into more complicated situations.
I have been wondering why my snoring is getting so bad and I thought I would consult a dentists so I was speaking to the professionals at the www.humedentist.com and they basically gave me all the information i needed to know.
Little did I know that snoring cause be the root cause of most deaths and I immediately saw my doctor and dental professional about it.
I hope this information gives you a better in sight.

What causes snoring?

With snoring, you have complications arising in the upper airway, with soft tissue structures collapsing and vibrating against one another each time air attempts to get through them.
The result is the sound defined as snoring. There are numerous factors that can cooperate to bring about obstructions in the air passages, which in turn causes snoring, and many of them are dental in nature.
They will include enlarged tonsils, a palate that is soft and long, a large tongue and unhealthy amounts of fat being deposited in the throat. The narrower the resulting air way is, the louder the snoring will become.
It is common for some people to confuse snoring with obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that can manifest from conditions that bring about snoring; while snoring is an irritation, its negative effects are often restricted to the people around the patient, this as opposed to sleep apnea which-resulting from the tongue and soft palate collapsing upon the back of the throat- can prove irritating to the patient as well.
The blockage in the upper airway will typically cause one to awaken from a deep sleep, usually with a loud gasp; with the airway clear, one can return to a state of deep sleep, only to have this process repeat itself.
Whether faced with sleep apnea or snoring seeing your dental professional in Melbourne is crucial, the impact upon one’s sleep is undeniably negative. It is important that one receive the proper diagnosis before embarking on the necessary courses of treatment.

Sleeping and Snoring Dental treatment

Of the numerous nuanced forms of treatment that one could turn to in combating snoring, three stand apart, namely:
-Surgery- while the majority of dental professionals will show a preference for oral appliance therapy, there are cases that are best served with surgical solutions, these varying from the simple (requiring minimal invasive procedures) to the very complex. It all depends on the situation in question.

Typically, the purpose lies with removing small amounts of tissue from the back of the throat with the aim of making the airways bigger. And as effective as procedures such as this are, there is a present danger of scarring making the airways smaller.
-Continuous positive airway pressure- there is a machine that, once attached to a mask worn over the patient’s face, can pump continuous and controlled streams of air through the nose, making certain that the airways remain open and unobstructed.
-Oral Appliance Therapy- there are over 40 different appliances available to dentists and which they could use to keep a patient’s airways open and unobstructed, hence combating snoring and aiding in the sleeping process.

Different appliances will approach this goal in different ways, this including devices that increase the muscle tone of the tongue, appliances that provide stability to the tongue and lower jaw and even machines that can change the position of the tongue, soft palate, uvula and lower jaw with the aim of allowing the air passages to remain clear.
These dental appliances can be used individually or combined depending on the situation.


strange facts about cats

Cat Infographics Did you know?

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This is a post about some great cat information I found around the internet in regards to cat behaviour and other information.
I compiled a bunch of cat info-graphics for your viewing pleasure which you can see below.
Some of the information is a litter bit random and one actually consists of the ‘grumpy cat meme’ But I think you will enjoy.

Check the graphics below

strange facts about cats

rainbow cat info-graphic

All images were found in googles image directory and if you are interested in self cleaning litter boxes here the article here.
That post is great for anyone with a cat and who is looking to venture into the world of cat products and appliances. If you like the brief review I will be looking to do more in the future.
Also if you own a cat, be sure to comment your cats name in the description, and if you can sahre the breed and even an image of your beloved furry friend, please do :)


litter robot self cleaning litter boxes

Top 3 Best Self Cleaning litter box Reviews

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So today I will be talk about some of the best self cleaning litter boxes on the market and I will be doing 3 mini reviews of a few hand picked litter systems that I found to be the best out of them.

litter robot self cleaning litter boxesSo I have a cat and his name is Rufus and it only made sense as a typical cat owner would try to avoid any type of direct contact with a cat litter box to invest in one of these new and “super awesome’ automatic cat litter boxes.
I was kinda skeptical before purchasing any of these products as they’re marginally different price ranges from one to another. They basically function in different ways, I digress some litter boxes are rake operated, some even look like an enclosure which spins and traps the litter in some inventive way and there are others which actually self flush, meaning they actually use water and are slightly similar to a regular toilet, kinda like a self flushing litter box.
Sound Interesting?

Well you would possibly be interested in one of these contraptions for your cats as you probably would be fed up with scooping up your cats crap and having to deal with bad cat odour as a byproduct of owning a cat.
I love cats, but I hate the smell and the poo they leave behind, and I think all would agree that if a cats litter box is not clean then you are going to have an extremely bad time at cleaning up after your cat.



The other thing which pops up in my mind as to why self cleaning litter boxes are brilliant products is that you can be on holidays or you have a demanding job (like mine) not having to worry about getting someone to take care of the litter box is a great thing. Therefore your cat is always happy with out any trip ups of your cat doing their business around different parts of the apartment or home.

Here are some of the litter boxes which stuck out to me and I think are the best litter boxes that are currently available on places like amazon.com.

1. The Litter Robot II
This is think literally looks like a space craft with its bubble like design, it looks nothing like a typical litter box. That being said the Litter Robot operates in such a way that the main sphere rotates to collect the cat poo, mean while sifting through the clean litter separating the two from each other.
Then the cat waste lands into the waste receptacle which is located below the sphere can be easily disposed of.
With a hefty price tag of $300, this is an investment however this thing really does perform to the expectations.

2. Catgenie Self Flushing litter box
As briefly mentioned above, this litter box is a new and innovative litter box to get a hold of, this type of litter box uses water and reusable plastic litter grains (replace normal clumping litter)
The system is initiated when you cat has finished their business and the litter box literally flushes and disinfects the litter area for the next use.
The litter grains are dried using a heated blow dryer which is part of the cleaning process and disposes the waste through the sewage water line which is connected to the household piping.
You literally do not have to lift a finger when it comes to cleaning your cats litter box.

3. Petsafe automatic litter box
While all these products are simply amazing for what they do, they also come with a lot of noise and well, they make a fair bit of noise when they are in the cleaning process.
This litter box come in third as it is quite yet extremely effective when it comes to the self cleaning litter process, you can barely hear this thing doing its job but it is!
The Petsafe litter box uses a unique conveyer belt system which scoops up any litter waste and gradually disposes the litter in the wast receptacle. Again this product is hands free and you dont need to be constantly monitoring it.

Well thats my review on this, I hope this helped you in finding a litter box that could potentially fulfill you and your cats needs.

Click here If you are interested in reading more self cleaning litter box reviews

Signing off!


Simple Life hacks infographics

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As some of you may know that I am into info-graphics and life hacks, and to people who are new to life-hacks basically means what makes your life easier.
We all would like to live an easier and fun fulfilled life with out having to worry out to stupid and silly dramas that drop in our laps, based on that being said you will find my crowded around my own computer funding kickstater projects which essentially make life easier.
I guess you can call it money well spent for the future as some of this technology could boost us up into the next significant era of technology, its pretty exciting stuff if you ponder long enough, however that being said there is a evil side to good and thats where I try not to focus my attention, lol we are all going to die one day, why not live life with out some of lifes hassles and replace it with technology.
Sounds like a deal to me.

productivity hacks infographic

Kitchen life hacks

Thease are just some of the hacks I live by in my own life which tend to give me better results especially if I am stuck in procrastination and I am not productive in any case, I guess this post is to assert myself in life and the chellenges is brings because at the end of the day we are never 100% assertive and sometimes it takes simple steps of motivation to make a difference in our own lives.

A friend once asked me – “how am I so successful”  he then proceeded to ask the exact steps to get where I got to now and I told him I “lived smart”, I didn’t expect this to come out of my mouth and I didn’t mean to sound like an egotistic idiot who is self absorbed in my own success I live life everyday to the fullest.
But its true, you have to grab life by the balls and I have been living by that motto ever since I saw that movie dodge ball, I remember I had a taimer motto but I scraped that and I saw my self getting stuff done.
I can go into a long post but I wont at this point, I will save i for another time.


New Viral Toy Craze Sweeps the US, welcome to the POP Era!

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Funko is the new Beenie Babies

One word is Funko, you may of heard about them someway or another but until recently they have blown up in the toy industry, why? not only as these toys serve little purpose they do not move like normal action figures, but they just made to sit there to look at you literally.These new toys have been made specifically for collectors in comics, movies, TV shows, animations, books and many other types of fictional characters.

One of my friends who is a avid collector of these toy figures has hundreds of them all delicately placed along the shelves and walls replacing any kind of family photos and other priceless ornaments which once stood by.

I was soon encouraged to take these figurines out, my first purchase was a Batman pop vinyl along with he’s Batmobile. I then noticed that Funko also jumped on the bandwagon of the teenage mutant ninja turtles franchise, I was taken back to my childhood as I saw the whole collection of my childhood tv favourites.

From the point I started collecting these pop vinyls I realise I was surrounded by them, literally. I have subscribed to newsletters, social media, as well as subscription boxes like loot crate f box another nerd boxes of that sort.

Since my connection with the awesome Funko pop figures I have gotten friends around me in to the same craze and it funny to think that these toys are actually directed at children however they have some how found themselves in the hands of 25 – 50 year olds who are passionate in collecting.
I to have found myself arguing with other 45 year olds about these figurines and I cant stop to think at that time of how ridiculous it must be seeing middle aged men fighting over plastic toys which serve no other purpose but to stand there jiggling their heads.

All in all it’s something fun and in expensive to collect and at the same time brings new relationships in to play, I must stay I never though that plastic POP Vinyl toys would be the thing that would effectively reconnect me with my childhood yet other people.

What is my favourite pop vinyl now? 
With out a single doubt is the TMNT, Batman, Spiderman (venom especially) Marvel Thor and pretty much all of the Dc Comics series.
I guess you can say that I am a Funatic as the term flows with in the POP Vinyl collecting sectors.

If you are interested in finding out more about Pop vinyls you can check out Funkos website or you can go to a really helpful website which basically covers everything funko pop vinyl related, check it out here.


Ferguson shop owners pleas for help to rebuild her bakery, faith in humanity restored.

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The Ferguson Brown case Darren Wilson was acquitted of all charges of murder. Inherently causing the Ferguson riots as a result, many businesses brother property and other town landmarks were set alight, vandalised and destroyed by Ferguson protesters.

Cars were torched, businesses were broken into and looted and people’s homes were broken into, one shop owner whose dream was to bake and continue baking for the community had her shop vandalised and destroyed by participating protesters.

Natalie Dubuse the owner of Natalie’s cakes and more took to the website gofundme.com in a plea to save her broken bakery and her dreams. It wasn’t long until Natalie received help of a lifetime, social media took the story by storm and people started giving generously, celebrities even retweeted and endorsed Natalie’s plea for help gathering more attention from the media.

Darryl’s campaign has only been active for two days and asking $20,000 to cover the damages, instead she received $249,627 exceeding the asked amount over 50 times over.
What an inspirational and warm story from the public to pull together and help one business owner in need.

Fortunately Natalie has been lucky in receiving well over what she could have even dreamed of, but unfortunately there are many business owners from Ferguson who are in the exact same situation without any help, most business owners and other people lost their possessions and businesses from the Ferguson writes, at least one of them came up on top.

Check out here campaign here and dont forget the other Ferguson victims

playmute ad skipper

Playmute – the next best thing to cord cutting

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Satellite and cable TV operators have been playing down the extent of the phenomenon known as cord cutting for years and in fact it is only recently that Nielsen started tracking it. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, cord cutting refers to TV and or telephone free households that prefer to consume their content online.

Consumers are moving away from traditional content providers at an alarming rate. The most often cited reason is cost. The carefully structured channel packages often ensure that no matter what channels you like to watch, you cannot watch them all unless you’re subscribed to the most expensive package. A fact that is not lost on consumers as they’re gouged month after month simply because they enjoy both comedy and sci-fi. How dare you!

Another reason for cord cutting is simply a protest against being charged a substantial monthly fee to be subjected to an ever increasing number of advertisements. This was certainly the case for me. When my cable provider decided that I’d be OK with paying over $100 per month to have my programs interrupted with poorly targeted advertisements, I decided to forgo cable TV altogether and stream TV via the internet.

It seems I’m not alone as more and more households are turning their backs on cable providers and finding their entertainment elsewhere for less money and almost ad free. And it’s not just poorer households as the cable companies have suggested, there are indications that cord cutting is prevalent in well educated, young and financially stable demographics. The same demographics that your cable company is charging a fortune for advertisers to reach. No wonder they don’t want to admit it’s a problem.

There are some services that I would happily pay for if it weren’t for the ads, and now there’s a wonderful little device that promises to solve that problem once and for all.

Introducing Playmute, an android powered device that sits between your TV and your cable box that with a snap of your fingers (literally) switches away from TV to any content that you’d ordinarily experience on your phone.

With Playmute, when an ad starts playing on TV, you can snap or clap or whistle, and instantly the ad is muted and replaced with a game you were playing, your facebook, youtube or even a different TV show. You choose exactly what you’d rather be doing, and Playmute makes it happen.

Playmute features a picture in picture display so that you can keep an eye on the progress of the ads enabling you to instantly switch back when your program returns. Basically it’s a smart ad skipping system combined with a media player, a smartphone and a gaming platform. Best of all it can be controlled from your smartphone using a dedicated app which does away with the need for yet another complicated remote control.

The kickstarter project (http://kck.st/1xLQRLK) isn’t yet fully funded however I’ve no doubt that it’ll reach its funding goal with time to spare. The device is moderately priced at a little over $100 bringing it in line with similar spec devices with less features. For full details, check out the project on kickstarter and say goodbye to ads forever.


ZANO – The intelligent selfie drone

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Recently I was asked to help out a friend by filming a live performance of his band.  This wasn’t the usual stand around with a camera type of gig, it was a more unusual request involving aerial action shots and impossible angles.

Being neither a photographer nor 10 feet tall this was quite a challenge and the more I thought about it, the more impossible it seemed.

My rather simple solution was to attach a tiny digital spy camera to the bottom of a remote controlled helium filled shark blimp.  It looked a little strange and attracted unwanted attention from the security personnel at the venue, but the plan worked well enough despite the image quality being grainy and dark due to the quality of the camera.  It was a pain to operate and I was lucky to come away with a handful of decent shots.  I wouldn’t do it that way again.

I have a feeling that I will be asked to perform a similar task in the future, and when that happens, I’ll be armed with the ZANO.  The ZANO is a smartphone controlled camera drone that the maker’s claim is “tasked” rather than flown.  You literally tell it what to do and leave it be.  No complex flight training required.

It is small enough to sit on your palm and boasts a complex array of sensors that ensure that it avoids flying into obstacles.  The device has built in WiFi and operates on a virtual tether to your phone.  You can task it to hover in place and capture images and video with its HD camera, or you can fly it using virtual joysticks with the bundled smartphone app.  If the device strays too far from your phone, or if the battery is running low, it will automatically and safely return your phone’s location.  An interesting key feature is the follow mode that instructs the ZANO to maintain a set distance from your phone and follow you wherever you go.

The designers of ZANO have a number of future updates planned in addition to the already enabled social network sharing and digital image stabilization.  Future upgrades to the software will include facial recognition, target tracking, panoramic images, instant image editing and swarming capabilities that allow you to control multiple ZANO’s from a single device.

The potential uses for ZANO are endless.  Bands can get those uber cool action shots just as easily as realtors can find the perfect angle to showcase a property’s best side.  Sure, there are already smartphone controlled drones on the market, but none of them can match the ZANO in feature set or ease of use and in case you’re having doubts about that last statement, ZANO also inclues an SDK that allows developers to task the drone programmatically allowing ultimate freedom and unlimited potential.

At the time of writing, ZANO looks to already reach its funding goal with 6 weeks to spare.   Check it out at http://kck.st/1teNrNm